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Managers Just as Requirement of Leaders Excellent Skills of Leadership

In today’s global business environment – characterised by instant communications and intensive competitive pressure, good, actual heads are more and more characterised as being enablers – the help to people and the organisations to act and develop. It means that the leader should reach difficult alignment between requirements of people and the organisation purposes.
The traditional concept of the manager who is the head of a direction above of hierarchy, concerning process and procedures, is now very incomplete estimation of what true leadership should be.
Today, good leadership is more about relations and povedeniyakh which characterise and concern skills which the leader shows in the field of interuser’s relations or emotional investigation (EQ).
Leadership is central concerns people. Leadership also involves decisions and the actions, concerning all kinds of other organizational processes, but it is especial because of the unique responsibility for people. Leadership as can speak only, works, when other people or followers are involved. You cannot be the leader and work ‘ is independent ‘.
It is a lot of functions in a life – a question of acquisition of skills and knowledge, and then application by their reliable way. Actually, we have many terms for various kinds of management such as, selling management, management of human resources, management of logistics, qualitative management and a project management – among others. It means that management about small parts of action, small discrete functions or processes that we can study and become good century
Leadership rather variously. Good leadership demands emotional power and behavioural features which can pull deeply on intellectual and spiritual stocks of the leader. Leadership about bol’shey to a picture, it about settlement of a management and alignment of the purposes and values of the organisation with the purposes and values of the employees working in that organisation.
Leadership and management though it is often noticed as being the same thing, they not.
Management mainly about processes and procedures
Leadership mainly about management settlement, development of others and alignment of values
Other way to see how leadership is compared to management, consists that leadership does not depend on management methods and processes the used; leadership instead first of all depends on ways, with which the leader uses these methods and processes to regulate the organisation, to execute long-term vision.
Good leaders typically have a sharp understanding of relations within rather big and difficult systems and networks. The people badly familiar with leadership, arriving from this to be observers or managers in very operational contexts, often feel under pressure to conduct in especially dominating way. They find difficult to make transition from from ‘ performance of it directly ‘ to ‘ to to force it to happen through others.
Sometimes this pressure upon the new leader to impose their power arrives from anxiety to “prove” that though youth as the leader it or it before work. Manager Tne in their first position of leadership can typically believe that they can increase only cost, being the instruction, distributing discrete problems and mikroupravlyaya a command.
Dominating leadership is seldom corresponding, however, especially conducting, a mature command which, during long time, became assured and competent that it does.
Rigid, excessively dominating leadership, gives parties of commands to put forward against and to resist. It moves back, can become a problem, and results in a cycle negative povedeniy and decreasing work.
Managers succeed to remember that people well answer thanks, support, a recognition and capacity – people should be noticed and heard and estimated for the one who they and not only for this purpose that they do. Any manager should accept these bases of hearing, compensation and motivation of people which work on them – whether name they themselves ‘ the leader ‘ or not.
Extremely instruction, style operated process could prevent sense of the property and the self-control developing among conducted people, as it, possibly, will forbid positive awards and stimulus, vital for commands and people to test, to help them to cope with change and to receive real value from their work.
Certainly, managers and-or leaders should be able make rigid decisions when required, but it is the most important leaders and managers should concentrate on granting of possibility to a command to prosper, which is actually “serving role” instead of a dominating, operated problem a role usually connected with management.

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